We are building a distinctive Wrocław

If people are different, then why all buildings are the same?

We do not create a vision of buildings right away. We don’t make rash decisions. The whole process of building housing investments matures. As a professional property development company, we design together with the best, award-winning designers. We gradually achieve the best versions of the projects and we are committed to implement them for future residents. Like no one before — we create places to live.


Our team

Toscom Development is a multi-discipline team of highly qualified specialists. With the help of international partners, we have been operating in the Wroclaw property market and passionately implementing various investments.

We have been creating a property development manufacture since 2012. With a strong sense of social responsibility, we consciously interfere with the urban public space, remembering that our buildings will accompany the residents in the coming decades.


Our property development company originates from HCS, which has been dealing with commercial property trade throughout Poland since 1996. So far, it has sold more than 100 properties to well-known store chains in the fuel, food and industrial sectors. Its second pillar of business is the energy sector. The company’s investment portfolio includes two large hydropower plants on the Oder River.

The source of funding – for both, the purchase of properties and the implementation of investments – are primarily our own funds and complementary bank loans.



Responsibility is the basis of all our actions.

We want to work with the best. Thanks to the innovative and original ideas of the team of experts we can meet the property development challenges. We attach great importance to quality. Every detail must be worked out. This is why we attract proven partners that support us in the various stages of our business.

Knowledge, experience and openness are particularly precious values for our property development company. Our partners include specialists from the architectural, construction, financial and marketing sectors.


We meet and exceed expectations.

We insist on responsibility in business. The aim of our comprehensive code of conduct is to conduct business ethically and legally, and an important part of this is our commitment to architecture and ecology.

Since the very beginning, we have been taking care of quality and safety. We are also aware of the fact that buildings should be better integrated with the lifestyle of their inhabitants. That is why:

  • we provide financial security for the investment,
  • we give you the opportunity to book a flat free of charge,
  • we attach importance to the transparency of contracts and equality of the parties,
  • we offer additional programs to our Customers, including assistance in obtaining a mortgage,
  • we meet the deadlines of the projects implemented.


The investments completed so far by Toscom Development include two unique addresses in Wroclaw: Krucza 2A and Partynicka 18. They were constructed with the utmost care. They are architecturally well thought-out and were delivered on time, which makes us extremely proud.

Every decision we make has an impact on urban space. How do we take care of it? See for yourself.


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telephone: 71 715 60 71 biuro@toscom.pl



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