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Live in the heart of Plac Grunwaldzki

Academy of Physical Education

2,7 km Academy of Physical Education

Petrol Station

100 m Petrol Station

University Library

150 m University Library

Botanical Garden

850 m Botanical Garden

University Campus

50 m University Campus


30 m KFC

Medical University

950 m Medical University

National Museum

1 km National Museum

Oder River

200 m Oder River

Racławice Panorama

1 km Racławice Panorama


750 m Pasibus


30 m Pizzahut

University of Technology

400 m University of Technology

University of Life Sciences

600 m University of Life Sciences

City Bike

200 m City Bike

Market Square

2,1 km Market Square

Park Szczytnicki

2 km Park Szczytnicki

Tram Stop

50 m Tram Stop

Ostrów Tumski

750 m Ostrów Tumski


10 m Wartburger

Zoo and Centennial Hall

1,6 km Zoo and Centennial Hall

Academy of Fine Arts

1,2 km Academy of Fine Arts

Bus Station

50 m Bus Station

Pasaż Grunwaldzki

550 m Pasaż Grunwaldzki

Park Słowacki

800 m Park Słowacki


In brief

A modern building located near the University Campus and the most important academic centres in Wroclaw. Located near Ostrów Tumski and the National Museum, within walking distance from the Botanical Garden and the vast Park Szczytnicki.
In the immediate area there are as many as 5 City Bike stations, and another 3 at the Zoological Garden. In the picturesque Park Szczytnicki, surrounded by a pergola and in the immediate vicinity of Centennial Hall, there is a multimedia fountain known to everyone in Wroclaw, which is the largest object of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. A new apartment in such a convenient location, with various attractions will allow tenants to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Wrocław.

Not only the youngest will appreciate the neighbourhood of the spectacularly expanding Zoological Garden, green areas of the Oder region or peaceful Park Dąbski, which are desirable places to relax in the city centre.

Photos from Wrocław Archives


We believe that the best architecture comes from the synthesis of all elements that separately cover and inform about the nature of the building: the structure that supports it, services that enable it to function, its ecology, the quality of natural light, the relationship of the building with the city panorama. Thanks to creative cooperation, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to develop the best design solutions.


At level -2 and -1, we planned for a total of 218 parking places. We distinguish between single and double / dependent places.


We offer 105 storage rooms, from 2.11 m2 to 6 m2 in size.

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