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Lease service


Short and long-term lease services

IVANISHVILI, with whom we cooperate, specializes in consulting in the field of real estate investments and comprehensive lease management. It has its own cleaning and technical service, designers, renovation teams and a service department for tenants and owners.

The goal of the brand is to relieve investors completely from the obligations related to leasing and property management.

Short-term lease management

The operator agreement operates on the basis of a lease agreement with the right to sub-let for short-term leasing. Payments to owners are settled on the basis of the monthly billing reports received.

IVANISHVILI ensures: guest acquisition, cleaning service, technical service, payment of bills and owner representations.

Long-term lease management

The operator agreement operates on the basis of a lease agreement with a sublease right. Payments for owners are settled on a monthly basis on the basis of the received lease payments from the tenants. The company’s task is to acquire tenants paying as high a rent as possible while analysing them in terms of possible solvency and timeliness.

IVANISHVILI ensures: publication of the offer on all major advertising portals, ordering repairs and replacement of equipment, handling all tenants’ questions and complaints, payment of rent and utilities on behalf of the owner, representations or insurers.


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An electronic lock managed over the internet

Thanks to SmartPorter you will not have to change the lock inserts anymore, copy keys, transfer them or worry about where you put them. Now, to open, just enter the code or a simple command ‘open’ in the online management panel. The change or removal of access for a selected person takes place via the Internet and works immediately.
It is also possible to open an apartment with contactless cards, chips and smartphones.

Thanks to synchronization with booking calendars, SmartPorter independently recognizes new bookings, adds temporary codes, and then sends them to guests via e-mail and sms.

Smart Porter

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